Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter. I am so SO thankful for Karen Russell's Blog for inspiring me to let go of my camera comfort zone and start shooting in Manual again. It just got too easy to use Auto and as a result, I didn't like my photos as much. So here's some photos from Easter Sunday at my sister Connie's house:

Carter showing off his strawberry face

Miss Madison in her beautiful Easter Dress

Carter's gave us all a taste of the wrath of his new toy

And my favorite of the whole day, the Winslow munchkins all together

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

12-of-12 - March 2008

So I was struggling with things to write or even scrapbook about since the kids are no longer with us. All of our photos and all of my posts over the last few months have contained photos of them. So when I saw the 12-of-12 challenge, I knew it as perfect timing! So here is my first post-failed adoption blog post, my March 12-of-12 thanks to Cathy Z for her awesome template!...

Left to right:

1. I love Spring in Nor Cal. There's about three weeks a year around this time that all the cherry blossoms bloom and there are white flowers EVERYWHERE!
2. Love Love LOVE these new shoes. I got them last week and wore them on the 12th
3. A Gorgeous sunrise on my way to work
4. A postcard from Jonathan's parents from their vacation. I think it's funny how I started putting our return address to them as "The Other Ashcraft's" a few years ago and it stuck. Jonathan thinks it's funny that live in the desert and of all places to choose to vacation in, they go to Death Valley

5. Girl Scout Cookie Time... mmmmmm, thin mints!
6. My new view for 2 hours a day, my rapidly inclining odometer
7. Though the mirror was embarasingly dirty, I absolutely loved this self-portrait and had to include it. It totally conveyed everything that was on my mind at the time... and that was how much I was looking forward to our adoption support group meeting on the 13th!
8. Charging my favorite toy for the long drives to and from work every day

9. My first iTunes purchases, Flogging Molly and Revolution Mother.
10. My greeting when I get home at the end of a long day
11. My first bottle of wine post-braces and post-guilt and post-fear of staining my braces. I forgot how much I liked wine!
12. If ranch dressing and cheddar cheese weren't so darn fattening, I would definitely eat salad every day...

Next post will be about my new little niece Isabella, but for now, it's late and I'm ready for my nice warm bed!