Monday, April 28, 2008


So as I play with my camera settings, I am ever so slowly learning what is working and what isn't. Though the setting I had on the camera on Saturday did not work for most of the shots of the nieces and nephew feeding the horses, I was just tickled with this shot...

Uncle Jonathan was helping Carter feed the carrots to the horses and Carter was So happy when the horse took the carrot from his hand. Though it's hard to see, I can tell Jonathan is just as excited as Carter! It just goes to show that sometimes a little blur can say a lot in a photo. I have been really into Photoshop actions lately so once I play with some more images from my dad's birthday party this weekend, I'll post some.


Sunday, April 13, 2008

12-of-12 - April 2008

Yesterday was the 12th and I was excited to participate in my second 12-of-12 challenge. It was a Saturday this time and no ordinary day. It was Emily's 8th birthday and Connie and Randy hosted a birthday party for her, with your truly making her cake again. She's been really into Hannah Montana lately so I tried to do something Hannah Montana-esque. It was also the first time the Winslows and Auntie Michelle got to meet Isabella so there was lots of "pass the baby" played!

The photos are mostly of me making the cake, the finished product, and the fun times we all had at Emily's birthday event.

'Til Next Time

Friday, April 11, 2008

I LOVE being an auntie!

I volunteered to watch my new niece Isabella on Saturday so Mom and Dad could have a night out. I knew they were getting a little stir crazy so I figured they could use it. And sneaky me, I used the auntie time to shoot a few photos of Isabella. She loves the light and is so attentive while she is awake, and she's definitely model potential! Look at her pose... =)

So as I am implementing the Library of Memories scrapbook system, I am finding a lot of relational correlations between past photos that I never would have though of before since I didn't have any of my photos printed. Melanie and Luigi talk a lot about how Isabella constantly lays down and sleeps with her arms above her head, as you can see in the photos above. Well, as I sorted through some older photos, I found this photos of our dad and Erin (our other sister) when she was a munchkin.

I smell a scrapbook page coming....

Next time... more 12-of-12. This time it's a Saturday and my other nieces birthday, for which I am making a cake, YIKES!