Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Project Life - September 2014

Using the Jade Edition.

As I posting these, I am realizing how horrible I am at noting what products I use so that I can give proper credit to the manufacturers. I am making a mental note to be better about that this year!

I started a photography class with Karen Russell this month that I am really glad I took. It challenged me to think outside the box and get a little more creative than I normally would. I ended up really liking the result!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Project Life - August 2014

Using the Everyday Adventure Kit. I was happy to see PL team up with Stampin' Up, especially when they offered everything digitally!

I don't typically highlight pop-culture or other events outside of our household. I think I need to do that more often. Jonathan and I grew up watching Robin Williams and enjoying lot of laughs at his comedy, so we were both saddened to hear of his death this month. It was one that I felt worthy of noting and makes me think I need to include more of what is going on the world around us in my album more often.

Some Details

Friday, July 17, 2015

Project Life - July 2014

Using the Americana Kit this month, Simple Stories and American Crafts letter stickers.

The highlights of the month were getting to see David enjoy fireworks for the first time (he had never been able to sty up late enough before this year) and going to the state fair.

Some Detail

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Project Life - June 2014

June had lots of adventures with a trip to So Cal for Cherie's wedding, visiting with friends and family, and David's first boat ride!

For this month, I used the Project Life Seafoam Edition and lots of Simple Stories Alphas.

Some detail

I struggled (and still do) with whether I should include the hidden journaling and photos I have behind the blue card. There was a very personal experience we went through in June that I don't want everyone know, but I do want my son to know some day so that he can be aware of how our lives had some tough times too and how we persevered as a family. Right now I just have everything on a card tucked behind the blue filler card, but if I do decide to keep it in there, I think I will make some changes and possibly fuse a flip-up 4x6 instead of tucked behind. This might be an evolutionary process for me. But for right now, this is what the card looks like behind it.

June 2015 Roundup

What We Did:

01.   One Year Work Anniversary at DMS  09. My first Board Meeting presentation in Yuba City  20. Jonathan’s 40th Birthday Party  21. Father’s Day Pool Party at Mae Mae and Papa’s House 27. Dinner at Mikuni’s for Jonathan’s belated birthday. He won a bag of rice!


Jurassic World in the Theater. Lots of action and some laughs, but not quite as psychologically thrilling as the first. Still a great one to watch in the theaters!

John Wick on Cable – I’m not a big fan of Keanu Reeves, but this turned out to be better than I thought. 


Consolation by Corrine Michaels –  It had moments of being a cheesy romance novel where I had to roll my eyes, but by the end of it, I liked the characters a lot of felt I couldn’t leave it where it left off knowing there was a part II. So off I went to read…

Conviction by Corrine Michaels – wrapped up the story for sure, but not really necessary to be a second book. She could have combined both into one, but of course, would have made less profit. The first book is about a woman who loses her husband overseas when she is 9 months pregnant and how she learns to find love again. With a twist that takes you into the second book. Both were quick reads and not completely unbelievable as some romance novels can be.

Listened To: 

David’s new favorite song is “Rock This Town” by the Stray Cats. He listened to it at least six times on the way home from the store and still asked for me to play it again!

The Stories:

We got all of the Ashcraft family together this month for Jonathan’s birthday party. His parents and both his sister’s were able to come up for the weekend and celebrate with us. We rented a bouncy house and had almost 50 people all together in our home to wish him a happy 40th.

David has enjoyed reading a Christmas book that is the words to Deck the Halls. Lately he has started singing his own versions and has come up with some very creative lyrics like “Flush the Daddy in the potty, fa la la la la, la la la la.”

Saturday morning conversation:

D: daddy, where we gonna go?..... Crazy?
J: yep, crazy, and why? Because we're Ashcrafts
D: oh yeah. Daddy, are a Crashcraft?
J: yep
D: mommy, you a Crashcraft?
Me: yep
D: oh and I'm a Crashcraft too!!!!