Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another Layout....

Melanie came over on Friday for a little bit to scrapbook, giving me a kick in the butt to actually start working on something. Though I pooped out pretty quick on her, I was able to finish up what I started today. Here is a layout from my dad's flight on a War Bird in June.

CS: Bazzill, PP: Scenic Route, Chipboard: ??, Fonts: Stencil and CK Shannon

The journaling reads: "The whole family chipped in to buy Dad a flight on a World War II Warbird for his birthday. As luck would have it, the flight ended up being scheduled for Father’s Day in June. Dad got the chance to ride in the front seat, experience acrobatics, and even fly the plane for one of them. His beaming smile when he got out of the plane said it all!"

Sunday, September 21, 2008

12-of-12 - September 2008

After three hours trying to get my sewing machine to work and wasting a whole spool of thread, I decided to do this digitally. Once in Photoshop, I was done within 30 minutes!!! When will I learn my lesson?

Here is my September 12-of-12:

A scraplift of a layout by Lisa Truesdell from the latest Scrabooks Etc. mag.

Adobe Photoshop CS2, Paper is Ali Edwards from her CK kit of the month digital kit, fonts are: Ck_Ali's Handwriting, Hightower Text, and Jane Austen

The journaling around the photos reads:

"Photos from left to right, top to bottom: My Mac face-paint.. or make-up, the book I finished reading again today - The Magus, paperwork at work for the open enrollment meeting, big ol’ photo o’ me, My busy calendar from the week, a blog post about today being the tenth anniversary of my first date with jonathan, toys given by the EAp stress management trainer, the stress-relievers board from the EAP class, a card I made at a stamping event that night, the book I started - Twilight, another card made that night, and stamping stuff I used at the event."


Sunday, September 14, 2008


Another layout finished! I have been working on this one for over a week and I finally got it finished today. I've been doing a lot of digital pages lately so it was fun to play with paper and real elements again.

These are photos from my cousin Jeff's graduation party in May. The journaling reads "Our family shared in the celebration of Jeff’s graduation from Sonoma State in May 2008 with his BA in communications."

Products used: Sketch: Becky Fleck, CS: Bazzil, PP: Creative Imaginations, fonts: Copperplate Gothic Light and Times New Roman. Punches: Fiskars Threading Water, EK Success Circles and Scallop Circle, and Stampin' Up Scallop Circle (the smaller scallop circle)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

And the Silver medal goes to....

Today my niece Emily had her first gymnastics competition. The competitors were other young gymnasts from all around Nor Cal. Each girl competes on each of the four different events, beam, floor, vault, and bars and they get scored on each. Medals are given by age group. Out of sixteen girls in her age group, Little Miss Emily took 2nd on the vault with a 9.175. They actually allowed you to place up to 8th (half the participants) so she also got 7th on the floor with an 8.65, 7th on the bars with an 8.275, and 7th Overall with a total score of 33.40. Way to go kiddo!

I imagined in 8 years whether I would be sitting in some arena in Chicago, Madrid, Rio, or Tokyo - watching her compete and hearing her name announced over the roar of thousands of spectators! Let's hope the Olympic committee picks Chicago! It'll be a little lighter on auntie's pocketbook.

Friday, September 12, 2008

On a lighter note… Ten years ago TODAY…

After 7 years of being in each other’s lives off and on… three of those containing endless flirting, unspoken desires, and avoiding bad timing… Jonathan finally asked me out on a date, ten years ago today.

I remember he took me to the movies at the Irvine Spectrum and we saw “Your Friends and Neighbors” with Ben Stiller. Ironically, that was on cable last weekend and I watched it again, and not so ironically, it’s still not a very good movie! He had used the valet service and as an eerie foreshadowing of how I would learn about his mis-managed finances, he didn’t end up with enough to pay the valet! Poor guy had only been living on his own for two and a half months and was probably feeling it in his wallet. Either that or he just didn’t bring enough cash – which still seems to conveniently happen often.

But I took pity and paid to get his truck back. After all, where were we going to go with his keys held hostage? He was probably pretty embarrassed but I still think it’s funny.

No this isn’t a photo from our date, but it was taken only a few months earlier. Arent we hotties?? Though I always had a little inkling of hope, little did I know at that time how soon we would be embarking down the road of life together. We’ve hit a few bumps now and then, and he might have hit a road block for a few weeks, but we’ve always met back on the same path. I love this man with all my heart and I know I am one lucky girl to know how much he loves me back. Happy fake anniversary babe! (Cause who the heck celebrates dating anniversaries after you’re married right!!??)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Seven Years Ago Today...

I usually watched the news in the morning as I got ready. I turned on the TV that day and could hear the audio before the picture even came up (really old TV!) and knew something was really wrong! I was always careful not to wake up Jonathan but this day I went and woke him and told him "You may want to come watch this."

A few minutes later we watched the second tour fall. The first thing I said was "Think of all those people that were down there trying to help." Just imagining all the brave people who were trying to help and now lost their lives.

At work that morning, someone knew we had a TV in our conference room and asked if they could turn it on. A few of us were watching when my boss came in. She had no idea.

I remember the sounds of the jet fighters flying over our house that night and it still gives me the chills. How secure and safe I felt only the day before, now feeling like I lived in a war zone. Not really certain if it would be some time soon. And then thinking of all those people that really do live in a war zone and how they can manage feeling that every day of their lives with no hope in site.

Even seven years later, it's still fresh in my mind as if it were yesterday. Though it seems so trivial now, I am glad I put the flag out this morning. Maybe some one else will be reminded and wonder how it's possible that they could ever possibly forget.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Another Layout...

I have had this one done for a while but kept feeling like it's missing something. But the more I look at it and try different things, the more I like it as it is. So here's a layout I did about Isabella based off of yet another challenge at 2peas. It's a scraplift challenge from your saved layouts by other people. So I based mine off of This one by Sarahak.

Isabella's photos at 4 months...

Adobe Photoshop CS2, Fonts: Felix Titling, CK_Ali's_Handwriting, and French Script. Actions: Atomic Cupcake bling.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

For Connie....

We've been telling everyone this story for the last two weeks so I figured it was probably time to share the photos that go with it. We spent some time at Mae-Mae and Papa's house a couple weeks ago with Samantha and the Winslow munchkins.

Carter is such a character, he had us cracking up. I love how he can still look so masculine in his hot pink floaties!

And how he was like our little life guard on duty, stressing out and yelling at his sisters when they were acting up in the pool, furrowing his brow and yelling "Girls! NO!!"

The adventure continued with the Oreo's....

And then this little girl who magically puts on her innocent face when the camera is around! Don't let her fool you!