Tuesday, May 27, 2008

12-of-12 - May 2008

At last! My May 12-of-12 layout!

Journaling Reads:

A 12-of-12 that had me obsessed with numbers!

72 degrees - the weather was awesome.
$120.90 - the Dow Jones is down but costs for basic goods continues to rise at record rates
$0.42 - announced on the news this morning, yet another rise in the cost of the postage stamp
7.9 - another major news story today was the 7.9 magnitude earthquake that hit China. The aftermath has been devastating to watch. Over 30,000 lives have been lost with many still missing and millions of Chinese residents without any resources.
80 Business Loop - I started my new job today at the
Regional Transit District. I was worried about having to take the freeway again, but the drive turned out not to be too bad
28th & G - The location of my new office
$3.41 - the cost of a loaf of bread today. Prices keep rising for resources like milk and eggs, as well as gasoline which continues to hit record prices. The price for a gallon regular unleaded today at the local station was $3.99.
245 images - Jonathan and I participated in a Cast for Kids charity event on Sunday. There were 245 images to be edited from the event that I started working on today.
10! - Dancing with the Stars is the most watched show on television right now. Celebrities compete with professional dance partners and the judges scores combined with the viewers call in votes determines the winner over several weeks. I hardly watch it, but this week they were only a week away from the finals and the dancing starts to get good, so I decided to tune in! Christy Yamaguchi, an Olympic figure skater by trade, is a favorite to win this season, no surprise, she received a 10 from one the judges in this photo.
$145 - I have NO idea why I had so much money in my wallet. I started organizing my purse and found it all. It was my own mini-lottery!
6 - My six new scrapbook albums and new organization system for filing my pages.
1 - One Fairly decent self-portrait.

Monday, May 26, 2008


Tried the camera on a new setting with the same situation with the kids playing with the horses today. I think I've learned a little bit...

And a cute one of SK who I think I'll have to call the Horse Whisperer from now on...

There were a lot of photos from this weekend and it's hard to choose a favorite, but I'm a little partial to this one of my niece Isabella looking so grown up already:

Hopefully Jonathan can get my scanner drivers installed tomorrow and I can post my 12-of-12 page for May... until then...


Saturday, May 24, 2008

Up and Running - and a Happy Birthday message...

I'm back up and running! (Sigh...) THe solution ended up being a new computer. So thanks IRS for our tax relief check. We spent it well. =)

Today is my little sister Deanna's 28th birthday. She;s not so little anymore, and it's strange to remember the old days when she yelled in my ear to get me wake up and play with her. Or when I used to write stories until late at night and she sat on my bed re-copying them in better handwriting! Or the summer when Melanie baby sat them and we made then a carnival and a haunted house complete with peeled grapes for eyeballs.

But now she's all grown up. Writing phenominal compositions and even singing! Oh the days of yore when I used to get SOOOOO mad that she would take an hour in our only bathroom, just singing away the whole time. Little did I know what she would blossom in to.

I wish you a Happy Birthday Deanna. It's days like today that I miss you and am sad we live far away from each other. And I added your blog to my links, so NO MORE favoritism claims!!! =)


Monday, May 19, 2008

Computer Withdrawal

I am posting this from Jonathan's computer today... sadly, my computer is on the fritz and I am after a weekend of Jonathan trying to fix it, I am having withdrawals. I am itching to scrap and feel helpless without my computer. I am crossing my fingers he'll give in and let me take it to Geek Squad or our own personal Geek Squad, Mr. John Harris, so I can have it back by this weekend. Whatever will I do with myself on a three day weekend with no scrapbooking possiblilities????? I JUST CAN'T TAKE IT!

But I wanted to at least post that the new job is going really well. I made it through my first week and I still want to go back so that's an accomplishment already!

Of course, no photos to post since I don't have access to any of my drives, but for now, an appropriate cartoon since my associated Sesame Street character was Cookie Monster anyway... here's his version of going through withdrawals!


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

More Accomplishment

Who wants to spend their last week at home cleaning and doing house work? Definitely not me... instead I scrap and accomplish more layouts.

And then there were 3...

Baby on Board...

Oh How You've Grown...

Now I need to actually work on my LOM system and find a home for all these layouts!


Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I started about 8 different pages this weekend and didn't finish anything! So it felt good to finally get something done last night. I am so loving participating in the 12-of-12 challenge. Here is the actual layout I produced for the last two months worth of my 12-of-12 photos...


Friday, May 2, 2008

It's a good day to be alive!

I just got the call that I got the job that I have been hoping and waiting for! I applied for it at the end of February and NEVER thought I would even get called for an interview. But once I got the notice in the mail that I was scheduled for an interview, I strangely knew it was meant to be. After lots of obstacles, I didn't lose hope but also tried not to be TOO hopeful. In the end, I was right all along and I got it. It's in the public system so there is excellent pay and even more excellent benefits, so I am VERY excited (if you can't already tell!)

I was just e-mailing my mom last night after she asked for an update and letting her know that I hoped to hear from them today and wouldn't it be nice news on the day before National Scrapbook Day? I am starting an all weekend scrapbook party tonight that goes through Sunday and I thought it would be an awesome kick off to a weekend I was already really excited about if I got the job! So cheers to National Scrapbook Day - now I can spend some money!!!! =)

Since I never post without photos, here's a glimpse at the mess I am making trying to pack for my scrapping madness this weekend...