Sunday, June 28, 2015

Project Life 2014 - May

On to May!

Using some Ali Edwards Awesome Story kit and Project Life Jade Edition. I started experimenting a bit more this year with some mix and match kits and not necessarily sticking with one kit. I combined all my digi cards into 3x4 and 4x6 folders so that if I need an extra orange card, I can easily browse and find one in another kit. I'm liking the outcome so far!

Some Detail:

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Project Life 2014 - April

For April I used the Project Life Amy Tangerine Plus One Mini Kit, labels are by Kaitlin Sheaffer, and some Heidi Swapp and Tim Holtz stickers 

The full layout

  Left Side

Right Side

Some Details

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Project Life 2014 - March

And the catch up continues with March.

I used the Project Life Mayfield Edition on this one and more Simple Stories letter stickers.

There was a lot to say about the tornado that hit our house this month, but I also wanted to feature a photo from it, so I did some hidden journaling behind it. I might still add a tab or something to the photo to make it easier to lift up.

And some more detail

May 2015 Roundup

What We Did:

02. Dinner and Game Night at our house with the Keyes’  06. David’s first bee sting!  08. New Patio Cover Installed  09. Sacramento Zoo  10. Mother’s Day celebration at Mae-Mae and Papa’s (and side trip for Mommy and Auntie Connie to the winery!)  16. Mommy and me weekend with trips to the Museum, the park, the pet store, and shopping  23. Angel and Rebekah’s Visit  30. 11th Anniversary Dinner Date Night for Mommy and Daddy


Image result for this is where i leave you 

This is Where I Leave You on Cable


The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah  - Great book about two sisters in France during WWII. Polar opposites and often butting heads, and their different influences on each other and the war effort.

Take Me With You – This book was a sweet relationship story about a man who bonds with two young boys on a summer camping trip and they end up helping each other through their struggles in life. Some really good dialogue and moral epiphanies but it also did not stand out to me as overly great. 

Listened To: 

David’s new favorite song is “I Love Rock N Roll” by Joan Jett. He says “I want Rock N Roll!” when he wants to hear it on the car ride.

The Stories:

David's tummy growled and he says in a deep grueling voice "my tummy says 'I want eggs and cheese.... And pizza rolls... And eggs and cheese and toast and sausage.'"
David picked up some new phrases this week. When I gave him some candy, he said "So yummy in my tummy Mommy!"

Another one has been:
D: Mommy, you say me too.
Me: Me too
D: Me three. (Giggle)

Out of pull-ups officially and no overnight accidents since asking to

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Project Life 2014 - February

And on to February. This one took me several hours that weekend just to make up my mind on this layout. I finally bit the bullet and decided I was wasting too much time and just needed to simplify things. I initially wasn't happy with this and felt like I made hasty decisions just to get it done, but looking at it now, I think it is one of my favorites!

Using the Project Life Blush Kit and lots of Simple Stories Letters and Stickers

Close up of the Left side. The February title was from an OLD Creative Imaginations monthly Sticker Sheet. The letter stickers are all Simple Stories and I made the arrow on my Silhouette Cameo.

Close up of the Right Side. The little labels are by Kaitlin Sheaffer, who offers several colors as free printables HERE. I love love love these and used several throughout this year's layouts. I printed several colors before I headed out to the crop so it was easy to just cut them out as I needed them.

The Details

Til Next Time!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Project Life 2014 - January

Back in March, I had the good fortune of attending a weekend crop. Aside from a few last minute touches, I am proud to say, I completed my 2014 Project Life spreads!  That's three whole years in a row now that I have documented. Granted, I only documented on a weekly basis for one of those years and have done monthly since then, but with a growing little one and a busy life, monthly seems to still be quite a challenge. So I plan to share all of the layouts here a few at a time. Without further ado, January 2014:

Using the Project Life Honey Kit

April 2015 Roundup

What We Did:

05. Easter Celebrations  11. Alexa Bahlman’s Birthday Party  13. Work trip to Waterford (the California Waterford, not Vermont!)  18. Discovery Museum with David, Isabella, and Melanie  19. Vet trip for Reba  25. Celebrate Dad’s belated birthday at Mae-Mae and Papa’s  26. Started a weight-loss challenge



Wish I Was Here on Cable - cried like a baby!


The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde – this is a classic on my list of greatest classic novel of all time that I hope to read all of some day. It was very different than I expected. I imagined more of a romance or comedy but did not expect it to be more of a horror. Basically, the man who had it all and was admired by many, was secretly tortured by inner demons that eventually drove him insane and perpetuated his demise. Not quite a classic romance after all!

The Stories:

David had a loud fart tonight and called it a Spit fart. What the heck is a spit fart?

Trying to say Watermelon = marnermelanin

Favorite Photos:

Thursday, June 4, 2015

March Roundup

What We Did:

04. David’s 3 Year Check up with Dr. Jammal  14. Folsom Scrapbook Weekend Retreat for Mommy  18. Grandma Cathy came for a visit  21. Quilting Convention  22. Isabella’s Birthday Party at Wacky Tacky


Insurgent in the theater – I read this while series and thought the first film was fairly cheesy. But I couldn’t help myself from wanting to watch this and it turned out to be worth seeing it in the theater. The special effects were pretty awesome and made for some pretty trippy imaginative sequences. I ended up liking this movie in the series a lot better than the first. 


Three Daughters by Consuelo Saah Baehr – a very long book that follows the stories of the three different generations of daughters. It probably could have been three separate books in and of themselves, each one as good or better than the last. It is sad and uplifting at the same time. It makes me so thankful for being an American in the 21st century and having choices as a woman about my life, who I marry, my career, and the path of my child. This book is a reminder that it has not been that way for a lot of women for a very long time, and still is not that was for many women in other countries.

The Stories:

David experienced the stomach flu and having to throw up in a bowl, or as he calls it “I threw out,” which is his combination of spitting out and throwing up. It was a horrible 24 hours, but he was a total trooper!

Favorite Photos:

 Until Next Time!