Thursday, February 26, 2009

V-Day Weekend

We had the charge of Samantha over V-Day weekend while her mom and dad traveled to Vegas for their 20th anniversary vacation. Thursday she had a dance and got all gussied up for the event and we got to be the ones taking her photo and telling her to be careful as she went out the door.

Friday night we went to Mikuni’s for dinner. I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of that place. Now it’s growing on Samantha too and she was all excited to go! After dinner I got a new cell phone and actually signed up for a plan that was a little more with the times and actually includes texting! Way to get with the 21st century!

Saturday I took Samantha to the scrapbook store and she felt my pain. She kept picking stuff up and then looking at the price and saying “This is bad. We need to get out of here!” Of course, she spent all her money (plus some!) but she was really excited and enjoyed her time.

We went bowling in the afternoon and it was quite an adventure. Turns out that bowling in real life is nothing like the Wii!

In the evening we watched Isabella too so that her mommy and daddy could have a nice Valentine’s day together too. She was sooooo adorable and had us all cracking up with her antics. She would bounce up and down and just LAUGH. And then when we laughed with her, she would do it again and Laugh even more.

And of course, I can’t have Isabella over without taking pictures of her!

Sunday we all went to brunch with Papa and got to enjoy watching him tease Samantha in true Grandpa fashion.

And leave it to Jonathan to challenge Samantha to walk backwards the entire grocery store trip... and leave it to Samantha to pull it off!


Melanie Intiso said...

The end about Samantha walking the store backwards was hilarious. I could see her doing that too.

Anonymous said...

That is too funny, walking backwards!