Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Sunday Traditions...

Easter this year was a special event with my niece Emily also celebrating her birthday that day. With my dad's birthday coming up this weekend as well, we combined all our celebrations into one and had a big party on Sunday!

The kids were very happy to see Uncle Jon-fin and started a new game of climbing up his chest! They spent the rest of the day trying to climb onto him every chance they got!

We spent some time playing in the backyard with all the kids... Maddy seems to be practicing for her modeling days!

Then came the Big Easter Egg Hunt! Isabella did just as expected and was very happy playing with her two eggs!

And the rest of the kids were all a blur as they ran around the yard frantically searching for the most eggs!

Connie: "Carter, what's in this egg?"
Carter: "CANDY!!!!"

Afterward, we ate and hung out together. Isabella is as cute as always!

And Carter's totally infectious laugh had us all in stitches.

Then we got to enjoy all the presents!

And Little Miss who just turned 9 and is looking so grown up already in her new cool sunglasses made sure to announce to everyone how she is "almost ten!"

Hope everyone had a Happy Easter!

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