Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Family Reunion, of sorts

Whenever my brother and his family come to visit, we always try to get the family together. Since it's been over two years since we all were in a photo together, I mentioned in passing how I would like to get a new family photo. Lo and behold, I was committed to the new family photo project last weekend. I was stressed about it for a while but all in all, every one is used to my process by now and even the kids were very cooperative! Although I wish I had a better background to work with, I am happy with the outcome... and you really should have seen it before I Photoshoped it! But here it is... my family...minus Deanna and Devin...

And the I got a couple shots of my brother and his family who always look great!

We had some fun times in the pool and hanging out together. And I couldn't quite tell whether Shawn or the kids were having more fun with his throwing them around in the pool! But it made for some really good photos!

And my favorite of the day!

Jonathan calls this photo her "Papa look" cause she looks just like my dad when he looks at people crooked.

Mae Mae caught Papa squirting her with the squirt gun. He tried to deny it, of course and it progressed to this - so telling of their personalities...

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