Sunday, April 13, 2008

12-of-12 - April 2008

Yesterday was the 12th and I was excited to participate in my second 12-of-12 challenge. It was a Saturday this time and no ordinary day. It was Emily's 8th birthday and Connie and Randy hosted a birthday party for her, with your truly making her cake again. She's been really into Hannah Montana lately so I tried to do something Hannah Montana-esque. It was also the first time the Winslows and Auntie Michelle got to meet Isabella so there was lots of "pass the baby" played!

The photos are mostly of me making the cake, the finished product, and the fun times we all had at Emily's birthday event.

'Til Next Time


DLovesJesus said...

Cool cake! Have you been watching "Ace of Cakes" on Food Network? :)

Melanie Intiso said...

Can you send me some of those pics. I didn't have much time to take any pictures myself while I was there.


Katella said...

The cake turned out great! Good job. Want to help me with Nicholas' birthday cake? :-)We need to do lunch or drinks again sometime soon.