Thursday, August 21, 2008

101 Interesting Things...

I was challenged to post 101 interesting things about me…. Thankfully a few others have already done theirs so I found some inspiration!

1. My right eye squeeks when I rub it
2. I get EXTREME vertigo! I can’t even look up without falling over unless I ground myself and hang on to something
3. I’m a middle child of 7
4. I have always wanted to learn sign language, so I actually signed up for a class that starts on Monday
5. I can’t swim underwater without holding my nose
6. I hate vegetables!
7. I love my husband a lot
8. My nickname is Lynney
9. I loved teddy bears when I was a kid and had a whole collection
10. I could eat a Mikuni’s michi roll every day and never get sick of it
11. I LOVE photography
12. I am obsessed with scrapbooking
13. My first job was at Round Table Pizza
14. I manage to kill all my plants except one, that sucker is resiliant
15. I can recite several 80’s movies verbatim
16. I can’t stand mopping. I’d rather clean toilets all day then mop the floor.
17. I’d like to go to Italy some day
18. It only took me three years to get my Associates Degree while working full-time
19. I’ve had one tattoo for ten years
20. Nobody cries alone around me
21. I love to fly on airplanes
22. My favorite part of a man’s body is his forearms. Yummy!
23. I hate being late. It even stresses me out to just be on time and not a little early.
24. I still love checking the mail and looking for some interestinmg letter that never comes.
25. I’m a big home body
26. I miss the beaches of So Cal
27. Football rocks. I can’t wait for the REAL games to start
28. My face turns bright red with any hint of embarassment
29. Or the tiniest bit of alcohol
30. I bit my nails for 20+ years and then just stopped one day.
31. Haven’t done it since.
32. I wore braces for two years as an adult. Just got them off in February.
33. I rarely wear jewelry. Wedding ring and the occasional earrings are my limit
34. I’ve dyed my hair for 12 years
35. I’ve started about eight different cross stitch projects but have yet to finish one
36. I’m incredibly shy and intorverted
37. I’m jump-on-the-chair-and-scream-my-head-off kind of afraid of mice and rats.
38. And don’t even mention their rodent big brothers, the po*%um, I can’t even type the name without wanting to throw up!
39. I wish I had more time to scrapbook
40. I love to read
41. I made it a goal a few years ago to read the top 100 classic novels of all time.
42. Recent counts have me at 35 so far
43. I have disgustingly thick hair
44. I balance my check book almost every day
45. I rarely ever stay on budget
46. I admire people that don’t have any issue standing up for themselves
47. I’m not on the texting band wagon.
48. My wedding was a one of a kind experience. My dad and step mom got married after my hubby at the same ceremony
49. I was involved in Theater in High School and college
50. I met my husband in theater class my freshman year. He said he took it because that’s where the girls were. Boy was he right!
51. We didn’t start dating until 7 years later
52. We didn’t get married until 6 years after that
53. We’ve been married for 4. You do the math.
54. I don’t have a Facebook account.
55. Music is a huge part of my life. It’s very passionate and emotional and inspires me.
56. Yet, I don’t play a single instrument or sing
57. I took violin for one year in fifth grade and sucked
58. Although my grandpa survived quadruple bipass, a critical condition car crash, and Type 2 diabetes, he could only survive living without my grandma for three months.
59. It still brings tears to me eyes ten years later
60. I lived in Colorado for nine months
61. I worked for an airline at the time and got to travel as much as I wanted
62. But only Tuesday and Wednesday (my days off)
63. I didn’t get my driver’s license until I was 20
64. I used to ride my bike about 6 miles a day
65. I like to go cmaping
66. Fall is my favorite season
67. Christmas is my favorite holiday, not the actual day, but all the spirit and preparation and family time leading up to it.
68. I’m allergic to pollen, dander, garlic, onions, and certain types of pork.
69. I get asthma attacks from perfumes, certain cleaning solutions, burnt toast, pan cooked scrambled eggs, and microwave popcorn. I have no idea why on the last three.
70. I have a very mathmatical mind
71. Inherited that from my dad
72. I’m very compassionate.
73. Sometimes overly so.
74. I inherited that from my mom
75. I took a test in school where they measure whether you are a visual or audio learner. I scored equally on both
76. I scored higher than anyone in the class
77. I got pulled from the class ten minutes later and told I don’t belong there. Go up to the advanced class.
78. When I visited my sixth grade teacher, she told me she was surprised and she didn’t think I should be in advanced classes.
79. I ended up taking them through Jr. High and High school and never got anything below a B
80. I was in the top five in my class (of about 500) the next year and gave a speech at the Presidents awards for academics
81. I learned you should never let anyone’s opnion hold you back
82. I love reading blogs by Ali Edwards and the Pioneer Woman.
83. My favorite author is Jane Austen
84. I wish she had written more
85. I predicted an earthquake once when I was a kid
86. My step mom said she was going to sell me to science after that
87. I’ve broken my toe, my nose, and my cheek bone
88. To prepare for a part in he Miracle Worker, we had to wear a blind fold all day in school
89. It was one of the worst experiences in my life
90. I learned a new appreciation for the struggles of anyone with any sense impairment
91. I’ve been to Hawaii, California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Illinois, Michigan, and Mexico.
92. We once drove to Michigan from California so technically I have passed through a lot of other states
93. I love to bake
94. I make awesome chocolate chip cookies
95. I’m pretty lazy around the house
96. I need a housekeeper
97. I live off of Diet Dr. Pepper
98. I couldn’t stand any diet drinks until a few months ago when I decided to give it a go.
99. Now I don’t like the non-diet kind!
100. I’m a TV-aholic
101. I’m exhausted!

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DLovesJesus said...

I'd be exhausted after that too! So what's this "middle child of 7" thing? Is that counting Suzette's kids? Because I was the middle of 5 with you, Mel, Erin and Devin.
I didn't know you hated Opposums... You must have loved growing up in FV then with all of them running around! :P
That's a bummer about being allergic to Garlic-- do you try to avoid it, or just deal with the consequences? :) I loooove Garlic!
I would put a 101 interesting things about myself, but I don't think anyone would read it! I might to it on MySpace. I don't have a Facebook page either. :) Or maybe I'll text it to you... hehe