Saturday, January 9, 2010

2010 To "Do" List - New Recipe #1

2010 is already off to a good start! I have successfully created a brand new recipe, much to the delight of my hubby. I can't tell who is more excited about this goal for the year - me or him! He's already thinking up a list of things he wants to try.

But for this first one was of my choosing. After all the holiday festivities and heavy eating, I felt like making something light and this recipe for French Onion Soup by the Pioneer Woman, one of my favorite bloggers to follow.

The recipe seemed easy enough and sounded delicious, so off I went on my quest to try a new recipe! It does take quite a while to prepare, but it wasn't difficult and was well worth it!

I ran off to the store, and unfortunately, forgot the recipe, so thanks to some help from Jonathan via phone reading it off to me, I successfully returned with my list of items complete.

The most difficult item to find was the Gruyere cheese. Sure, you can sub for other boring cheeses like swiss or mozzarella, but I was committed to whole process and determined to try it like she suggests. It only took two stores to find it, and in the end, Bel Air was the lucky winner of my ten dollars for 5 ounces of cheese. This is what ten dollars of cheese looks like, by the way!

Not much... But I will say, she was right, it's worth it!

So the cooking adventure began. The chopped onions got the best of me and I was a crying mess by the end of it. But this sure was a LOT of onions to cry my way through...

In hind sight, I really wish I would have re-read the WHOLE recipe earlier in the day. Turns out when it says two hours cooking time, she's not kidding! I somehow missed that little detail and didn't get started until almost six. So it was a late dinner for us that night. The picture doesn't do it justice, because Boy, was it yummy!

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