Thursday, January 19, 2012

I Think I Finally Get It, too...

I subscribe to a LOT of blogs and don't tend to read the lengthy ones unless there is a cute scrapbook page or great photos that catch my eye. Sometimes not even then, I will just cheat and skim over the images without reading a word.

But somehow, today, this one caught my eye. Maybe it was the title "Holy Sh*t, I Think I Finally Get It", or maybe it was just intuition that kept me reading, but by the end I was in tears and when I continued to the article she attached, I cried even more, laughed, and ended up feeling somewhat normal again.

Being a mom has brought me great joy, but it's also been a challenge too. Something a lot if people neglect to tell you as you go through this process. But today, after reading both of these, I think I finally get it, too.

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