Thursday, November 8, 2012

Project Life 2012 Week 32

And the final one I have scanned!  I have a few more weeks completed, but have yet to get them photographed and uploaded. I am sure that will be a project for AFTER our big move into the new house. I think I'll have a few others things to do lately that will keep me a little busy!

Ok, I know I have said a few times that some weeks are "one of my favorites," but this one truly is my all time favorite (so far... how do you like that for commitment!)  This is the week I got the pleasure of photographing Beth and Ryan's wedding in Tahoe and Jonathan and I got our first weekend away without David since he was born. Although I missed my little man quite a bit, it was so relaxing and fun and such a great experience, I can't help but smile but I see the photos from that week! 

WEEK 32:

I used the Karen Lewis Wellington Kit again!

Full Layout

The Left Side

The Insert

The Right Side

Thanks to everyone who has been keeping up with all my crazy posts trying to catch up on getting these online!

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