Wednesday, June 10, 2015

May 2015 Roundup

What We Did:

02. Dinner and Game Night at our house with the Keyes’  06. David’s first bee sting!  08. New Patio Cover Installed  09. Sacramento Zoo  10. Mother’s Day celebration at Mae-Mae and Papa’s (and side trip for Mommy and Auntie Connie to the winery!)  16. Mommy and me weekend with trips to the Museum, the park, the pet store, and shopping  23. Angel and Rebekah’s Visit  30. 11th Anniversary Dinner Date Night for Mommy and Daddy


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This is Where I Leave You on Cable


The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah  - Great book about two sisters in France during WWII. Polar opposites and often butting heads, and their different influences on each other and the war effort.

Take Me With You – This book was a sweet relationship story about a man who bonds with two young boys on a summer camping trip and they end up helping each other through their struggles in life. Some really good dialogue and moral epiphanies but it also did not stand out to me as overly great. 

Listened To: 

David’s new favorite song is “I Love Rock N Roll” by Joan Jett. He says “I want Rock N Roll!” when he wants to hear it on the car ride.

The Stories:

David's tummy growled and he says in a deep grueling voice "my tummy says 'I want eggs and cheese.... And pizza rolls... And eggs and cheese and toast and sausage.'"
David picked up some new phrases this week. When I gave him some candy, he said "So yummy in my tummy Mommy!"

Another one has been:
D: Mommy, you say me too.
Me: Me too
D: Me three. (Giggle)

Out of pull-ups officially and no overnight accidents since asking to

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