Sunday, July 12, 2015

Project Life - June 2014

June had lots of adventures with a trip to So Cal for Cherie's wedding, visiting with friends and family, and David's first boat ride!

For this month, I used the Project Life Seafoam Edition and lots of Simple Stories Alphas.

Some detail

I struggled (and still do) with whether I should include the hidden journaling and photos I have behind the blue card. There was a very personal experience we went through in June that I don't want everyone know, but I do want my son to know some day so that he can be aware of how our lives had some tough times too and how we persevered as a family. Right now I just have everything on a card tucked behind the blue filler card, but if I do decide to keep it in there, I think I will make some changes and possibly fuse a flip-up 4x6 instead of tucked behind. This might be an evolutionary process for me. But for right now, this is what the card looks like behind it.

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