Sunday, July 12, 2015

June 2015 Roundup

What We Did:

01.   One Year Work Anniversary at DMS  09. My first Board Meeting presentation in Yuba City  20. Jonathan’s 40th Birthday Party  21. Father’s Day Pool Party at Mae Mae and Papa’s House 27. Dinner at Mikuni’s for Jonathan’s belated birthday. He won a bag of rice!


Jurassic World in the Theater. Lots of action and some laughs, but not quite as psychologically thrilling as the first. Still a great one to watch in the theaters!

John Wick on Cable – I’m not a big fan of Keanu Reeves, but this turned out to be better than I thought. 


Consolation by Corrine Michaels –  It had moments of being a cheesy romance novel where I had to roll my eyes, but by the end of it, I liked the characters a lot of felt I couldn’t leave it where it left off knowing there was a part II. So off I went to read…

Conviction by Corrine Michaels – wrapped up the story for sure, but not really necessary to be a second book. She could have combined both into one, but of course, would have made less profit. The first book is about a woman who loses her husband overseas when she is 9 months pregnant and how she learns to find love again. With a twist that takes you into the second book. Both were quick reads and not completely unbelievable as some romance novels can be.

Listened To: 

David’s new favorite song is “Rock This Town” by the Stray Cats. He listened to it at least six times on the way home from the store and still asked for me to play it again!

The Stories:

We got all of the Ashcraft family together this month for Jonathan’s birthday party. His parents and both his sister’s were able to come up for the weekend and celebrate with us. We rented a bouncy house and had almost 50 people all together in our home to wish him a happy 40th.

David has enjoyed reading a Christmas book that is the words to Deck the Halls. Lately he has started singing his own versions and has come up with some very creative lyrics like “Flush the Daddy in the potty, fa la la la la, la la la la.”

Saturday morning conversation:

D: daddy, where we gonna go?..... Crazy?
J: yep, crazy, and why? Because we're Ashcrafts
D: oh yeah. Daddy, are a Crashcraft?
J: yep
D: mommy, you a Crashcraft?
Me: yep
D: oh and I'm a Crashcraft too!!!!

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