Friday, July 31, 2009

A new perspective

Sometimes I am WAY too critical of myself.

Sometimes I don't challenge myself to try new things.

Sometimes I am lack confidence in my art.

But then...

I put together a digital frame with some of my favorite photos of family of friends, all of which I have taken. It sits on my desk at work and the other day I found myself staring at it, thinking that if I saw these photos in someone else's cubicle, I would commend the photographer. And yet, I don't do that for myself. I came home and told Jonathan, "I realized today that I really don't give myself enough credit."

And so a new desire was born in me to really start photographing regularly again. To challenge myself to try new things with it, like filters, and camera angles. And above all, to gain some confidence in myself. So after yesterday's post, I was taking a look back at the photos and thought, yeah, that's a nice photo, but then I played with it and found what I consider "wall worthy."

It's hard to tell from a small blog photo, but such a simple change made a huge impression on me that this is a really good photo. I think I will have to frame this one and and actually hang it!

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