Tuesday, May 27, 2008

12-of-12 - May 2008

At last! My May 12-of-12 layout!

Journaling Reads:

A 12-of-12 that had me obsessed with numbers!

72 degrees - the weather was awesome.
$120.90 - the Dow Jones is down but costs for basic goods continues to rise at record rates
$0.42 - announced on the news this morning, yet another rise in the cost of the postage stamp
7.9 - another major news story today was the 7.9 magnitude earthquake that hit China. The aftermath has been devastating to watch. Over 30,000 lives have been lost with many still missing and millions of Chinese residents without any resources.
80 Business Loop - I started my new job today at the
Regional Transit District. I was worried about having to take the freeway again, but the drive turned out not to be too bad
28th & G - The location of my new office
$3.41 - the cost of a loaf of bread today. Prices keep rising for resources like milk and eggs, as well as gasoline which continues to hit record prices. The price for a gallon regular unleaded today at the local station was $3.99.
245 images - Jonathan and I participated in a Cast for Kids charity event on Sunday. There were 245 images to be edited from the event that I started working on today.
10! - Dancing with the Stars is the most watched show on television right now. Celebrities compete with professional dance partners and the judges scores combined with the viewers call in votes determines the winner over several weeks. I hardly watch it, but this week they were only a week away from the finals and the dancing starts to get good, so I decided to tune in! Christy Yamaguchi, an Olympic figure skater by trade, is a favorite to win this season, no surprise, she received a 10 from one the judges in this photo.
$145 - I have NO idea why I had so much money in my wallet. I started organizing my purse and found it all. It was my own mini-lottery!
6 - My six new scrapbook albums and new organization system for filing my pages.
1 - One Fairly decent self-portrait.


DLovesJesus said...

OH! I didn't know you typed it out in big letters below the pic-- I just clicked on the pick and strained my eyes really hard to read it. That's a blonde for you... :) I think that's so cool how you do those 12 of 12 things though. Fun stuff!

Miss O said...

Love how you incorporated the numbers theme! Clever! Nice 12 of 12 :)