Saturday, May 24, 2008

Up and Running - and a Happy Birthday message...

I'm back up and running! (Sigh...) THe solution ended up being a new computer. So thanks IRS for our tax relief check. We spent it well. =)

Today is my little sister Deanna's 28th birthday. She;s not so little anymore, and it's strange to remember the old days when she yelled in my ear to get me wake up and play with her. Or when I used to write stories until late at night and she sat on my bed re-copying them in better handwriting! Or the summer when Melanie baby sat them and we made then a carnival and a haunted house complete with peeled grapes for eyeballs.

But now she's all grown up. Writing phenominal compositions and even singing! Oh the days of yore when I used to get SOOOOO mad that she would take an hour in our only bathroom, just singing away the whole time. Little did I know what she would blossom in to.

I wish you a Happy Birthday Deanna. It's days like today that I miss you and am sad we live far away from each other. And I added your blog to my links, so NO MORE favoritism claims!!! =)


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DLovesJesus said...

That's so SWEET! Thanks so much! :) Thanks for writing me a birthday blog and all your nice comments. (I like "no more favoritism claims hehe). I don't have any recollection of recopying your stories-- that's a crack up. The bathroom has great acoustics, what can I say? :) Thanks again Lynne, love you much. Maybe I'll come up and visit sometime (or you can come to San Diego!). --Deanna