Friday, May 2, 2008

It's a good day to be alive!

I just got the call that I got the job that I have been hoping and waiting for! I applied for it at the end of February and NEVER thought I would even get called for an interview. But once I got the notice in the mail that I was scheduled for an interview, I strangely knew it was meant to be. After lots of obstacles, I didn't lose hope but also tried not to be TOO hopeful. In the end, I was right all along and I got it. It's in the public system so there is excellent pay and even more excellent benefits, so I am VERY excited (if you can't already tell!)

I was just e-mailing my mom last night after she asked for an update and letting her know that I hoped to hear from them today and wouldn't it be nice news on the day before National Scrapbook Day? I am starting an all weekend scrapbook party tonight that goes through Sunday and I thought it would be an awesome kick off to a weekend I was already really excited about if I got the job! So cheers to National Scrapbook Day - now I can spend some money!!!! =)

Since I never post without photos, here's a glimpse at the mess I am making trying to pack for my scrapping madness this weekend...


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Katella Ong said...

Congrats again and have fun scrapping! When you get done...I have some for you to keep ya busy. :-)