Monday, May 19, 2008

Computer Withdrawal

I am posting this from Jonathan's computer today... sadly, my computer is on the fritz and I am after a weekend of Jonathan trying to fix it, I am having withdrawals. I am itching to scrap and feel helpless without my computer. I am crossing my fingers he'll give in and let me take it to Geek Squad or our own personal Geek Squad, Mr. John Harris, so I can have it back by this weekend. Whatever will I do with myself on a three day weekend with no scrapbooking possiblilities????? I JUST CAN'T TAKE IT!

But I wanted to at least post that the new job is going really well. I made it through my first week and I still want to go back so that's an accomplishment already!

Of course, no photos to post since I don't have access to any of my drives, but for now, an appropriate cartoon since my associated Sesame Street character was Cookie Monster anyway... here's his version of going through withdrawals!


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