Friday, September 12, 2008

On a lighter note… Ten years ago TODAY…

After 7 years of being in each other’s lives off and on… three of those containing endless flirting, unspoken desires, and avoiding bad timing… Jonathan finally asked me out on a date, ten years ago today.

I remember he took me to the movies at the Irvine Spectrum and we saw “Your Friends and Neighbors” with Ben Stiller. Ironically, that was on cable last weekend and I watched it again, and not so ironically, it’s still not a very good movie! He had used the valet service and as an eerie foreshadowing of how I would learn about his mis-managed finances, he didn’t end up with enough to pay the valet! Poor guy had only been living on his own for two and a half months and was probably feeling it in his wallet. Either that or he just didn’t bring enough cash – which still seems to conveniently happen often.

But I took pity and paid to get his truck back. After all, where were we going to go with his keys held hostage? He was probably pretty embarrassed but I still think it’s funny.

No this isn’t a photo from our date, but it was taken only a few months earlier. Arent we hotties?? Though I always had a little inkling of hope, little did I know at that time how soon we would be embarking down the road of life together. We’ve hit a few bumps now and then, and he might have hit a road block for a few weeks, but we’ve always met back on the same path. I love this man with all my heart and I know I am one lucky girl to know how much he loves me back. Happy fake anniversary babe! (Cause who the heck celebrates dating anniversaries after you’re married right!!??)


DLovesJesus said...

Awe how cute! I didn't realize you brought Jonathan to Mel's wedding? Back then I was in my own little world (like all teenagers are, right?). Happy fake anniversary too! Haha

When's your real anniversary anyway? I know it's in either spring or summer... Hmmm... :D Now you know why you don't get anniversary cards from me!

Melissa said...

This is a cute post. I think any chance you get to celebrate love and fate you should take it. My husband and I celebrate our dating anniversary every year...after all it is when our story began!