Saturday, September 13, 2008

And the Silver medal goes to....

Today my niece Emily had her first gymnastics competition. The competitors were other young gymnasts from all around Nor Cal. Each girl competes on each of the four different events, beam, floor, vault, and bars and they get scored on each. Medals are given by age group. Out of sixteen girls in her age group, Little Miss Emily took 2nd on the vault with a 9.175. They actually allowed you to place up to 8th (half the participants) so she also got 7th on the floor with an 8.65, 7th on the bars with an 8.275, and 7th Overall with a total score of 33.40. Way to go kiddo!

I imagined in 8 years whether I would be sitting in some arena in Chicago, Madrid, Rio, or Tokyo - watching her compete and hearing her name announced over the roar of thousands of spectators! Let's hope the Olympic committee picks Chicago! It'll be a little lighter on auntie's pocketbook.

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