Monday, October 20, 2008

Trip to the "Punkin" Patch

Yesterday we took a family trip to the Ginormous pumpkin patch in Wheatland. It was like a fair with a petting zoo, big forts and slides and tons of places for the big kids to play, train rides, pig races, and TONS of good food! I went along to take pictures of the nieces and nephew and spend some time with them. Little did we know this was the Winslow's third pumpkin patch trip in the last couple of weeks so they really weren't into the pumpkin's, but they did seem to really enjoy all the other fun stuff. So here's some photos from the day....

Isabella was fascinated by the hay and kept grabbing at it

Carter told me ALL about how he wanted a little "punkin" - it was actually the perfect size for him!

Maddy was a little nervous about the animals at first but Mom encouraged her to put her arm in the fence. I could tell she was still nervous, but she waited ever so patiently for the goat to come to her and when it finally came and ate from her hand, she had the cutest smile on her face!

Emily is getting really tall and growing up WAY too fast! She was doing such a good job being a good big sister by keeping her eye on Carter.

You can't see Maddy and you can barely see Emily, but the family took a train ride around the patch! The Winslow's in the first row and Luigi and Isabella behind. Melanie and I missed the ride because we were taking pictures of Isabella with the pumpkins and had to sneak her over the gate to Luigi at the last minute to get her on the ride... Shhhh!

And of course, those pumpkin pictures are adorable!

My FAVORITE photo of the day is not even a really good photo from a technical perspective. But I just couldn't resist the look that Isabella is giving Maddy as Maddy is entertaining her! You can just tell by her look how much she is going to lover her cousins!

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